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Dealer Indirect Lending and Leasing System

The Road to Successful Indirect Lending


Speed defines the indirect lending business. Customers at the dealership expect to be able to finance a new automobile, RV, motorcycle or boat in a matter of minutes, not hours. Dealer finance officers know that if the customer becomes impatient, the deal is in jeopardy. Dealers need tools that will enable them to meet the customer's expectations and to manage the workflow in the F&I office. Lenders too must meet this demand for speed and efficiency, or they will be unable to compete effectively for loans in the highly competitive indirect lending marketplace. Successful indirect lending programs require technology that minimizes response times and enables loan officers to be more efficient. Indirect lending managers need systems that provide tools and reports to help them assess efficiency, minimize costs and provide the best service possible to their borrowers and dealers.

DILLS™ is the solution for both dealers and lenders. With the very latest technology, DILLS™ delivers the most comprehensive and cost effective Internet solution for indirect lending available. Integrated Lending Technologies makes its system available to credit unions, banks, finance companies and other lenders or groups (like CUSOs) with a minimum of control or interference with the lender's own indirect lending program. The lender pays only for what it uses, and there’s never a minimum monthly usage charge for DILLS™.


While DILLS™ is fully integrated with the major indirect dealer applications, DealerTrack® and RouteOne®, dealers who do not have access to these other applications may use the DILLS™ dealer platform. And, since the DILLS™ single page online loan application is the simplest and easiest to use in the auto lending industry, many dealers prefer it over the other available tools. The DILLS™ dealer application was designed to be a simple and complete solution for dealers and to encourage use. DILLS™ is also fully integrated with the AppOne® dealer platform offered through Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, a regulatory compliance solution provider.

The dealer also has other convenient tools. For example, if the vehicle is used, the dealer may use a link to NADA Values Online® to determine the wholesale and retail values of the vehicle. These calculations are passed through as part of the application to the lender for viewing and/or adjustment.

Once the application is completed, the dealer can select up to three lenders to which the application can be submitted. If the applicant is a current member of a participating credit union or has an account at a bank or finance company, the system notifies the dealer, and indicates that the application is to be sent to the applicant's own credit union or bank.

As soon as the dealer completes the submission process, the application is run through each lender's automated underwriting criteria. If the applicant meets the auto approval criteria, the dealer receives an instant approval. If the applicant fails the automatic approval process, the lender underwriter is notified via email and in a popup window that a deal is pending that needs immediate manual review.


If an application fails the automated approval test, DILLS™ provides the loan officer with powerful loan decision tools to enable a credit decision within minutes. DILLS™ also provides an online link to the Lenders Protection system that automates the issuance of auto loan default insurance. Those credit unions participating in this program can approve loans and issue the insurance certificate attached to each loan in a matter of seconds with no manual data entry.

A Lender can further enhance the effectiveness of its indirect lending program by utilizing the 24/7 underwriting services provided by Lending Solutions Incorporated or CO-OP Member Center whose underwriters are trained on the DILLS™ system.

As soon as the loan officer finishes the underwriting process, DILLS™ sends the offer to the dealer. A dealer can receive a detailed but simple response to his application in far less time than is required with competing systems or with outdated fax technology. This process and the designed simplicity of DILLS™ encourage more submissions to participating lenders from every dealer.

Lenders also have the option of using DigiDocs™, ILT's proprietary paperless documentation and funding feature. Using DigiDocs™ the dealer can either upload images of the completed documentation package into the DILLS™ system, or he can fax it. Utilizing a data matrix code, the faxed documents are converted to PDF format and directed to the appropriate deal number within DILLS™. The lender then uses DigiDocs™ to audit the documents and download the complete document file to the lender's permanent electronic data storage system. DigiDocs™ reduces the time required for lenders to audit documents, fund loans and store files.

ILT has extensive experience customizing integrations with lenders’ host or core management systems. All funded loan data can be transferred automatically from DILLS™ into the core system eliminating the need for manual input. Even the ACH funds transfer to the dealer’s account can be automatically initiated using DILLS™

Finally, DILLS™ offers a comprehensive suite of reports to aid management in measuring, assessing and controlling every aspect of the indirect lending process. Lenders also have the option of exporting their data from DILLS™ to Visible Equity’s powerful system for loan, application and Fair Lending analysis.